M Rogne CO
3301 45th Street South
Fargo, ND 58104
Phone: (701) 356-7546
Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

MRogne Co. Testimonials

“Melissa Rogne has demonstrated a dynamic ability to capture a diverse and inquisitive crowd in a manner that creates a quick, and sincere trust in her passion for the products she has placed within her practice.  At the core of every financial success that Melissa has achieved is her patient’s satisfaction with their results.  As a practitioner and founder of one of the most successful aesthetic practices in the medical spa industry. Melissa supports her business coaching with data while crafting a personalized vision and plan for all types of businesses, whether it be a brand new enterprise or a multiple location powerhouse needing to surpass their current plateau.

As a growing company, Envy Medical is privileged to have the opportunity to partner with Melissa on direct to consumer value, corporate, and educational projects.  Melissa’s expertise has proven to be an invaluable asset in creating and building upon consumer relationships.”

Ben Haney
National Training Manager
Envy Medical

“Melissa Rogne has been one of the most important consultants we worked with as we opened our medical spa. She is an innovative pioneer in our industry. Her own personal success is a true testament to her philosophy on building a business prototype like no other. She was more than generous with her time and expertise with us as we built our business plan. I look to her regularly for guidance and support as my business grows out of infancy. I am confident that as we continue to grow and I adopt more of her business strategy we will be financially sound as well as creating excellence within our own team of providers. Melissa has spent years fine-tuning her business to create a comprehensive and meticulous business strategy that yields a real profit for med spa owners. Those fortunate enough to consult and work with her have a tremendous leg up on our competition.”

Tracey Rudolph Lakin LE
The Refinery Skin Clinic

“Melissa Rogne has been known for her leadership, business, and marketing acumen in the aesthetic industry for past 10 plus years. Rejuv Medical Clinic and her team consistently earn maximum market share across all vendor categories in aesthetics and are sought out by both manufacturers and already successful practices for her knowledge, partnership, and expertise. Walking into her facility is without question, unique, fun, engaging and energizing. Melissa has a deliberate, creative and successful approach to building a team spirit and atmosphere within her business. She is particularly astute on how to hire, proctor, compensate and educate an amazing staff while pushing them to their individual strengths. The end result is a very happy, invested team that produces very happy returning patients, with an annualized increase in revenue year after year. Melissa and her Rejuv team continue to eclipse the traditional aesthetics market growth, no matter what the economy reads at the time.
Recently, we hired Melissa to speak to some of our key physician offices at a large educational event in Chicago. Melissa was the highlight of the show and left many hungry for more of her knowledge and business strategies. If you are looking to bring your aesthetic business to the next level, Melissa Rogne & Co is your answer!”

Dawn Bancroft
VP Sales
Surgical Solutions, Inc
Topix Pharmaceuticals, Regional Sales, MN, ND

“As a medical spa owner, I know how difficult it is to run a successful medical spa. One must have business skills, technical skills, marketing skills, HR skills, interpersonal skills, some knowledge of the law, perseverance and true grit. There are many consultants who know how to run a spa in theory. Melissa Rogne founded and has grown and run a successful medical spa for over ten years. I believe she is very knowledgeable and can bring much to the table as a consultant.”

Lauren Olson, PA-C ’78
Founder & CEO,
Radiance Advanced Skin and Body Care

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