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Performance Reviews: Create the Excitement

Holly Bernhardt

Clinic Director, Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Performance reviews – those two simple words can put a pit in the bottom of even an experienced manager’s stomach. What has been your previous experience with them? Spending an hour with an employee droning on over a bunch of bullet points written on a sheet. Lack of engagement and enthusiasm over the topics being covered… deflating at best. Lack of appreciation for all the time you have spent putting into them. What have the outcomes been?

Ditch everything you know to be true about them.  Simply stated – what you put into them, you will get out of them. This is an interactive, collaborative process. Have them come prepared with what think their achievements have been and goals are and discuss them. Are they in line with your vision? Performance reviews should be an exhilarating time for you AND your employees. Yes, I said exhilarating! This is your time to show them how excited you are about them being a part of your organization, to celebrate the many accomplishments they have had over the past 6 months, and to collaborate with them on what the next 6 months will hold for them. Both parties working towards the same common goal because when the employee succeeds, the company succeeds. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Personally, they are one of my favorite things to do. As a manager, there is no better feeling than knowing there is clean air, goals are aligned and everyone is rowing in the same direction. In the hectic grind of everyday business life, trying to meet customer needs and accomplish goals, it is rare to be able to spend time with each valuable team member. This is an intentional hour set aside to discuss just them; the unique and important entities that they are.

Now onto the great debate – how often do you do them? Relentless communication is a necessary part of any successful company and performance reviews are very much a part of that.  For us, what we have found as an effective communication strategy as it relates to employee performance is daily ongoing coaching in the moment, monthly one-on-ones, and biannual performance reviews. The performance reviews are done in July, discussing the first 6 months of the year performance and then again in January to review the entire previous year as a whole. Find what works for YOU and meets your unique company and employee needs. Whatever it might be, do it with enthusiasm and walk towards it, not away from it, because you are investing in your company’s most precious resource… it’s human capital!


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