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The Keys To A Successful Business

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Melissa Rogne

President and Founder of Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic and MRogne & Co.

In my almost 20 years as a business owner, there are two things of which I have become quite sure.

1. The true success of any business depends on the degree to which individuals function as a true “team player” and whether they consider themselves to have a stake in the company success.

2. We directly tie our reward system (compensation, advancement, etc.) to the behavior of individual team members. We cannot build a high-performance team when our compensation system discourages teamwork, collaboration, and transparency.

Let’s dig a little deeper into number one. Almost every business I work with will tell me that their individuals are “team players.” What this really means is that for the most part – their team “gets along.” So let’s define teamwork a little further. A quick google search tells us that teamwork is “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.”

Let’s talk about that first part. “Combined action.” What does “combined action” look like in your company? How are the individuals working together to achieve “effective and efficient work”? More importantly – how are the individuals working together to achieve profitability for your business – not just themselves?

At Rejuv, teamwork is defined as the ability of each of us individually to work together to reach a common goal. That common goal takes the form of a monthly team retail and service goal. When the team achieves the goal, each member of our team receives a bonus – regardless of the position you play in the team. The critical front line team – answering the phones, booking appointments, closing deals – share in the bonus right along with Botox injectors.

You see – we aren’t just talking teamwork. We are living it. We are proving that the concept of “it takes all of us” means that when we win – everyone should win — not just the person who gets the glory of administering the service that day.

Which brings me to my second point – your reward system is driving behavior. You need to know what yours is driving. For example – let’s say you pay a commission on retail. You might tell me that your comp system is driving the behavior of your staff selling more retail (which by the way is not always the case). But what else is it driving? It is also urging that staff member to try to “own” that patient – making them fearful of “losing” them to another provider. So when that patient can’t get on the schedule at a convenient time – instead of offering another service provider – the patient waits for weeks. The result? Business profitability declines because open hours for other team members go unbooked.

Another possible behavior it could be driving? Competition – not cooperation – amongst your team. I’ve worked in these environments. Who sold it first? Did you get my name on it? The focus – the behaviors – are geared to the individual reward carrying more power than any sort of “teamwork” does. My sale. My patient.

What – you may ask – is wrong with this scenario? Absolutely nothing if you are happy with your bottom line. If you are consistently dropping 20-25% net profit and your culture is filled with open communication, positivity, achievement, 20%+ growth year over year – then keep doing what works for you.

However – if the above statements don’t apply to you – you want a better bottom line, happier team members, more growth – and an overall more positive culture – then it’s important to take a deeper look at what behaviors you are rewarding. Because what gets rewarded gets repeated.

“Combined action” toward a common goal results in all of the above – but it starts and ends with you – the leader. Are you building a high-performance team? Is your business reaching its potential? Because, my friends…..TEAMWORK makes YOUR dream work!!!!

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