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Education Is Power

To Sell or Not To Sell…

Erin Dockter

Aesthetic Care Coordinator at Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic

“To sell or not to sell?” is the question around every clinic,  every patient, every day. Our biggest goals when training staff new and old is to make it effortless. One word is always used no matter what: EDUCATE. When educating the patient around “why” they need a specific product, it will really alleviate that sales-like pitch we all find cringe-worthy.
First, start with working around the patients’ main concerns and picking the very specific product and treatments they will need to achieve the results they are looking for (this is a topic for another day but important to the education piece!) Mapping a specific regimen, in order, for AM and PM. When doing this, it will show the patient exactly what their routine will look like. Don’t be afraid of this, real results aren’t going to be achieved by only making half of what you know they will need to get them to the right results. Remember the EDUCATE word. Educating is showing the patient you stand behind your recommendations. Also, IF they aren’t able to make all of the purchases that day, numbering each product numerically with the absolute must-haves to what can wait until the next visit is important. However, don’t ever do that step unless the patient is very specific about not being able to purchase all at once. This could (and will) drag out their results if they think they really only need a few things to start.  Always think good, better and best. What would YOU pick??? Um…. is that a question? Most will pick best every single time. Beautiful skin is an investment!
Our second component to all of this are the follow-ups. Calling and checking in a few days after the patient has started homecare is beneficial in so many ways. When I am making these calls not only are the patients absolutely impressed that you as a provider are actually taking the time to call, but I would say 60%+ of the time they do have a question of some sort. Solving problems and answering questions early on, well I’m sure you know I’m going to say, will make this process as smooth as possible.  Also bringing them back into the clinic in that 2-4 week time frame to do a physical checkup. Showing them their side by side pictures is absolutely key. Some of you who love to follow us here at MRogne may have seen a post on social media from our very own Ellery, in which she quoted “the proof is in the picture.” She couldn’t be more correct!!!! There is typically some pretty significant changes within that first 15-30 days of starting medical grade homecare.  These changes aren’t always noticeable to the patient who looks at their own skin every single day. With ourselves being our own worst critics, especially when it comes to something new. So, why not take that judgment away and give them something to brag about. Not only is this good for business, but obviously imperative to building that trust between patient and provider.
Those are some of the most important details when it comes to retail sales. Some things we work hard to achieve and never, and I really mean never, skip a step on. With that being said to sell or not to sell should be COMPLETELY taken out of our vocabulary and replaced with, EDUCATION IS POWER!

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