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Author Archives: Madison Johnson

Performance Reviews: Create the Excitement

Holly Bernhardt Clinic Director, Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic Performance reviews - those two simple words can put a pit in the bottom of even an experienced manager's stomach. What has been your previous experience with them? Spending an hour with an employee droning on over a bunch of bullet points written on a sheet. Lack …

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FOV: The Neglected Critical Number

Melissa Rogne President and Founder, Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic Ask most medspa owners about their critical numbers and you hear the usual suspects: total revenue, total retail, occasionally retail to service and productivity. While I won’t argue these numbers aren’t important – they are – in my opinion – a result. The numbers I want …

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Education Is Power

To Sell or Not To Sell... Erin Dockter Aesthetic Care Coordinator at Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic "To sell or not to sell?" is the question around every clinic,  every patient, every day. Our biggest goals when training staff new and old is to make it effortless. One word is always used no matter what: EDUCATE. …

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It Starts With Skin Care

The Power Behind Medical Grade Skin Care Regimens Melissa Rogne President and Founder of Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic and MRogne & Co. After 20 years in this industry, two things have become very clear for me. 1. We underestimate the change that medical grade skin care products can make in the skin and 2. The …

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The Keys To A Successful Business

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Melissa Rogne President and Founder of Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic and MRogne & Co. In my almost 20 years as a business owner, there are two things of which I have become quite sure. 1. The true success of any business depends on the degree to which individuals function as …

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